Bloomex Supply Chain Analysis Essay

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Supply Chain Analysis: Bloomex Case Study Group 7: Benjamin Byeon Weiwei He Hunter Riebesehl Yehao Zhang Section1 5/13/16 In recent years, globalization has become increasingly important for many corporations. With such ever growing significance in global trade, companies need to factor in the trend to their supply chain network. Bloomex is a leading Canadian e-commerce firm that sells different types of floral and gift products. The company offers great service levels through live chats online and highly responsive due to same-day delivery in most areas in Canada. To improve the network designs, Bloomex is considering opening transshipments centers in other locations, aside from the current Toronto facility. The primary goal is to evaluate different potential network designs and consider scenarios by imposing various conditions to prepare for any uncertainty, and provide an optimal solution that adds value for Bloomex in the context of the business…show more content…
In essence, shippers can choose the pre-existing routes or take the additional options they have. The benefits of transshipment is more significantly seen as the product approaches its final destination. Furthermore, for companies like Bloomex that deal with global hubs, a transshipment can be especially more beneficial because it can make cutbacks on container unit costs. Therefore, the team has concluded that the transshipment design can bring significant values and can act as a competitive factor to improve Bloomex’s network design to be cost and time efficient. The transshipment center strategically fits Bloomex’s business model, plan, and motives to serve customers with the highest level of service by sustaining an efficient supply chain in regards to cost and
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