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I grew up in Bloomfield, PA, a small city-like neighborhood about three miles away from downtown Pittsburgh. The community consists of a series of uniform type “row” houses, most backyards include a small grassy area with a fence that is shared by the neighboring house, and the alleyway in between is where the majority of our childhood games were played. Bloomfield is sometimes referred to as Pittsburgh 's Little Italy because of its historically Italian-American population. My neighborhood is full of kids, generations of Italian families, and the delicious scent of fresh bread baking from Sanchioli Brothers Bakery just a couple blocks away. The main road, Liberty Avenue, is complete with an array of Italian restaurants, novelty shops, bakeries,…show more content…
I was pushed down, wrestled with, and experienced cuts, bumps, and bruises just like one of the boys. We would have cookouts and bonfires with corn-on-the-cob and the best hamburgers and hot dogs. We would have birthday parties that were the best I can remember. And on hot summer days we would go down to the pool to swim and play on the playground. Our nights were full of little league baseball games under the bridge at Paul J. Sciullo Field watching the pony league games just waiting for one of the big kids to crack a ball so hard it would hit the bridge. We would also go to movies in the park where we would bring blankets, food, and roll down the hill while waiting for the movie to start. Where I’m from there is always something to do; and one of my favorites happens at the end of August with a festival called the Italian Festival or Little Italy Days. The vendor tents line the entire way down the main road jam-packed with food, games, Italian novelty items, artwork, Steeler gear, along with a wide variety of other things. Some of the best memories of my life were made in this neighborhood with my family and friends in the area I love and will never forget. For me every day is a constant reminder that I am a reflection of where I grew up…Bloomfield born and raised and proud of

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