Blue Collar Brilliance Mike Rose Analysis

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Mike Rose author of “Blue Collar Brilliance” he reminisces about his childhood and how he was observing his mother at work and how much she multitasked and how he experienced the blue collar work. His purpose was to describe how people integrate physical and mental work is in the field and supports people in the blue collar field.
I felt as if I was at a dead end job and earning nothing from it, but Mike Rose’s article influenced me that I was actually learning and gaining skills at my work place. His intended audience would be blue collared workers and white collar workers. Rose informing that blue collar workers are also educated people even though they do not have a degree. The author begins with discussing about his mother’s work as a waitress and how much physical work and mental work she did. He said
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She walked full tilt through the room with plates stretching up her left arm and two cups of coffee somehow cradled in her right hand”. He begins with illustrating to the reader, about his first person point of view of the blue collar field. This shows an illustration of both physical and mental work at play, she had to handle multiple tasks at once and create balance. Mike Rose is stating that blue collar work has learning in it like school. This shows how to profit from the job that I currently have and can learn from it. The article opened my eyes to see potential on how I can get more involved and find ways to learn more at work. The author was arguing that Blue collar workers versus people have degrees both get a form of education through their experience. In the articles he stated “Our culture—in Cartesian fashion—separates the body from the mind, so that, for example, we assume that the use of a tool does not
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