Blue Hill Hospital Case Study

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The patient was placed on HOLD to see the Senior Counselor for an update on her efforts of contacting Blue Hill Hospital. Please note, the patient appeared to be irritable and upset about being place daily and missing her transportation. The writer had to remind the patient that she had 1 week prior to take care of the matter and did not comply. The writer and the patient called Intercommunity together and spoke with Julia from the Detox department. During the phone screening- the patient was found ineligible as it was determined that the patient is not a chronic user due to her only using Valium three times and stopped for the past three weeks. The writer and the patient then contacted Blue Hill Hospital and spoke with Nurse Pearl, whom only took the patient contact information and said," Well, there are no beds available and the waitlist is about 3 weeks. I can take your information and another nurse can contact you to complete the screening, okay." The patient provided her information for a returned phone call.…show more content…
When questioned about alternatives such as reaching out to her prescriber, the patient said, " Oh, I can 't stand that man. He went on vacation for 6 days and stop my refill. The pharmacy was kind to give two pills and had to complained to the Director at the center about him and the Director had my Rx Scripts refill." The patient is planning seek a different mental health provider due to conflicts with her prescriber. In addition, the patient was advise about her Sertraline is currently expired. Please note, the patient had her prescription today and plan to validate it to the Nursing at the dosing
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