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Blue Jasmine: the personification of a displaced person to criticizing the failure of the neoliberal society Blue Jasmine, it is a movie that was directed and written by Woody Allen, it is an adaptation of Tennessee Williams play called The Streetcar named desire. This adaptation is more than a simple transposition of the play to the movie screen. Woody Allen reshaped the plot and the characters of the play to contemporary context, a direct reference to the global economic crisis in 2008, to illustrate the failure of neoliberalism through of the neoliberal subjects. Roughly speaking, Blue Jasmine tells a story of a fallen woman. Her family suffered an economic crisis, because of that her husband committed suicide and she lost her prime position…show more content…
Jasmine is a displaced person which lost control over herself and over the world surround her. Jasmine does not accept her new position. The first act that reveals her fall after the ruin of her family was the reencounter to her adopted sister, Ginger. According to Dardot and Laval, the neoliberal subject is the person which is in a constantly movement. He is always reinventing himself and self-valorizing him to compete in the global market. Her adopter sister, in her view, would be inferior in relation to her, in this sense, Ginger’s presence punctuating the distance that exists between them. Jasmine would be better than Ginger. Jasmine needs Ginger as an instrument to self-valorizing her. But there is a contradiction presents in Jasmine behavior. On one hand she is going to study computer skills to be a designer through of an online course, but, on the other hand, she only visualizes a possibility for upward social mobility again through of marriage to return to her old position. She lies about herself and creates a person that does not exist when she glimpses a possibility to upward. We understand this contradiction as an internal conflict, she does not understand that past needs to be erased, she needs improve her abilities and accepting the new changes. It is explain why we called her as a displaced…show more content…
It is ironic saying that Jasmine is absolute able to move on. No, she is not able. She does not know how to play the game, but she thinks she does. All the time the past returns through of flashbacks as they were ghosts. They do not allow her to move on. If we were pointing out a particular difference between the movie in relation to the play, we detached the presence of the multiplicity of masculine characters in the movie. That multiplicity will be responsible to the overwhelming atmosphere. Jasmine seems as if she was suffocated. This fact does not become her a victim of the situation. She knew about the illicit enterprise of her husband. She was vindictive to denounce her husband when he wanted to brake up their marriage. And the relation to her sister was morally

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