Blue Jeans History

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Blue jeans! The most popular clothes in all the time. We see people wearing this invention on every day and any occasion. There is no fashion trend has been worn for this long as blue jeans. Jeans are an icon of fashion item, and they manufactured in many fits such as skinny, slim, straight, boot cut, low waist, anti-fit, and the classic. Jeans pants have increasing fashionable. The word "jeans" came from a material called Jean which is named by sailors from Genoa in Italy and they wore clothes made from it. Do you ever thought about jeans? How had it made and how it was invented? Jeans was invented by Jacob W. Davis in partnership with Levi Strauss & Co. In 1831, Jacob W. Davis was born and he was trained and worked as a tailor. He owned…show more content…
One day, a lady customer came to his shop and asked for a clothes for her husband which has obesity and he couldn't find him a suitable clothes in shops. The lady has requested Jacobs two pants to be made as strong as possible. The tailor thinks about the copper rivets that he is using them on horses blankets and he put them on the pockets of the trousers so they don't tear. Then, these pair of pants get liked by people and became a very popular for heavy work. He had come up with an unusual way of making work pants. He had the idea that if you took a tiny piece of metal and you added it to pants especially in the pocket area. After his success, he started to worry about his creative idea. He thought about having a patent for these pants. The patent application was rejected several times by the patent office and he couldn't have it. But he asked Levi Strauss for a help because he didn’t have enough money. Then, he is finally received patent #139,121 from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on May 20, 1873. Jeans now is patented by Jacob W. Davis and Levi Strauss. Holding this patent means that Levi Strauss & Co was only the company which is allowed to make these pants. This made the company the only seller in the world for 17 years. This advantage had gave them a large amount of business and got the company off to a great start. These brilliant two men began manufacturing what would become the world's first blue jeans. In 1890, the rivet patent in no longer exclusive manufacturer. The patent expiration led to many different competitors with the company. Jacob Davis was the production manager at the shop of Levi Strauss & co. until the end of his life and the company still run the business till this

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