Blue Knot Foundation: The Impact Of Childhood Trauma On Children

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The Blue Knot Foundation provides information on one specific childhood trauma called child abuse, he explains the types of child abuse that happens in the world and the impacts of them upon children and their future health. It goes beyond that and states how abuse can be prevented. In articles that follow the impact that child abuse has on the brain is explained in detail with the impact on the cortex and limbic system being stated first and then how differently the left and right parts of the brain can be changed or impacted due to the trauma. The author shares that trauma effects the brain in such a way that thyroid production is effected and stress hormones are changed which becomes a lasting effect. That then lead to the fact that gene expression and generations after the effected person can now be effected by a single person’s childhood trauma or child abuse.…show more content…
The source seems reliable with each set of information cited and documented following every paragraph; as well as hospitals, researchers, and doctors referenced throughout the article. With the facts and information being well documented it becomes easy for the source to fit into my research because the source provides information about the impact of childhood trauma specially child abuse. Since the information is generally just about child abuse it helps me refine my research into a paper that is the right
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