Blue Marlin Fishing

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Costa Rica is a beautiful Central American country, which is known for its beautiful waters. One of the best activities to perform here, is sport fishing. And the best way to go about it is to enjoy a great blue marlin fishing experience. The Pacific Ocean near the country is home to a number of fishing records, and if you are also interested in blue water fishing, then these tips will surely help you set on a great fishing adventure.
1. Identify the Right Spot
The blue marlin is one of the most prized fish by anglers. There are many fish in waters of Costa Rica, but it is important to fish in the best waters to get the largest catch. You need to go straight to the North Pacific Coast from the southern shore of the country. Golfito and Drake’s
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The best way to go about it, is to set up five baits. The important point here, is to spread these lines around the boat in an ideal manner.
4. Always Reel In
If you are not an expert angler, then catching a blue marlin would be a real adventure. As the Pacific waters are abundant in blue marlin, there is a high probability that you will hook up a large fish. What you need to understand, is that you need to keep reeling in the fish once caught in the hook. If the pressure on the line drops, a blue marlin can easily pull away and remove the j-hook holding the fish. A pressured line also allows the boat to hold steady and finally prepare for the “catch”.
5. Use Short Strokes
Once you have brought the fish closer to the boat, the real effort begins. One of the best tips that you can use to complete the catch, is to employ “short strokes”. A short stroke refers to raising the rod around 15 degrees, quickly reeling one rotation of the crank and then once again returning the rod to the original position. This ensures that the fish cannot take back the line that you have hauled in. A number of short strokes will gradually allow you to bring the fish near the boat for an official
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