Blue Muffin Cat Short Story

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-Wears a hat because he secretly has a lot of hair [flowy] -Always has random things in his pocket A poor street cat turned the corner with hopes for a job. Little did he know he had big things ahead of him. Blue Muffin Cat walked the streets in hope for a job to support himself and his ongoing dream. Being a cook. The cheapest thing he could pay for was a cart on the side of the road. “I think this will do” He said approvingly. He decided to start off with something easy. Muffins. After experimenting, he finally thought, “This is my passion.” Blue Muffin Cat made many different gourmet waffles for snacking. Some with chocolate fudge layered neatly on top, others with melted butterscotch. He had it all! But even though it all seemed great to him, he feared that others would disagree. What if they laughed at him?…show more content…
She was a short but pretty tabby who got her name for her pink paws. “Echo, I don’t know If I can sell my goods.. I’m scared people won’t like them..” He said to her one day. “Don’t be silly, Blue, how about I taste something of yours, maybe a muffin?” She responded eagerly. He shrugged, “Alright.. But you gotta be honest, ok?” “Ok!” She chirped back. He went over to his fridge and pulled a box down from on top of it. He set it on the counter and opened it to reveal quite the stack of muffins. Pink Echo Cat, having barely any patience, reached over his shoulder and took one. She bit into it. Blue Muffin cat looked at her, sweat dripping down his neck. “It’s.. Amazing!” she squealed. “You need to sell these! Im sure hundreds, maybe thousands of people would pay big money for these!” He laughed, “Thanks, Echo, but even if I did decide to sell them I wouldn’t market them so high.” “Alright, but you need to still sell them, how else do you plan to pay to keep your apartment?” she hugged
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