Blue Muffin Cat Analysis

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-Wears a hat because he secretly has a lot of hair [flowy] -Always has random things in his pocket

A poor street cat turned the corner with hopes for a job. Little did he know he had big things ahead of him.

Blue Muffin Cat walked the streets in hope for a job to support himself and his ongoing dream. Being a cook. The cheapest thing he could pay for was a cart on the side of the road.

“I think this will do” He said approvingly. He decided to start off with something easy. Muffins. After experimenting, he finally thought, “This is my passion.”

Blue Muffin Cat made many different gourmet waffles for snacking. Some with chocolate fudge layered neatly on top, others with melted butterscotch. He had it all! But even though it all seemed
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“You should try out for the cooking games” she suggested. Then walked happily away.

[He then enters into the great cooking games where he plans to cook a gigantic blue muffin]

Blue Muffin Cat bakes his jumbo blue muffin to purrfection and goes to the supply cabinet for a larger tray.

“This is my chance!” Blue Cookie Cat whispered evilly to himself.
Blue Cookie Cat padded over to Blue Muffin Cat’s station and sprinkles a handful of extra salt into his batter.

When Blue Muffin Cat finished placing the muffin on the platter he proudly brings it over to the judges and is horrified with the results.
“Ugtthh!! Too muth salth!!” A judge screeched.
“I’ll save you!” Said another contestant.
[The judge is drenched in water]

“GO HOME” the judge meowed angrily, his wet fur hanging over his face.“It seemed that only luck has managed to bring you here.”

[Blue Cookie Cat smirks in the background]

Blue Muffin Cat storms home, where he paces around the room thinking of how this could happen. “I made my batter PURRFECTLY! [Purring Angrily] I just don’t understand! [suddenly realizing] It must have been that ragged old Blue Cookie Cat! He was jealous of my muffins from the
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