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For this research paper, I need to think of one company that I want to open and using the blue ocean strategy to gain profit. This business must be related to the previous research that we have done one last semester. For this research paper I already think and select a name of my company. I also recognize the types of industry that I want to get involved. The industry of my business is fast food industry. My company name is “HealthyLicious”. This is a fast food restaurant, but with healthier food to offer and many others value. This restaurant will be located in Festival City Mall Kuala Lumpur. My competitions of this business are KFC, Mc’Donalds, and Wendy’s. Pizza Hut and Domino’s Pizza. It is very challenging to compete with those
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Company name Strength
KFC -Has their own uniqueness.
-Have the skill and knowledge about the business
-Focus and persistence
-They have their own professional managers.
-Cheaper cost of production.
Mc’Donalds -Average drive thru wait time
-Diversification strategy
-Willing to changes and innovate the products.
-Low price of food
-Effective marketing campaigns
Domino’s Pizza -People first. Attract and retain high-quality
-Build the brand. Strengthen and build upon strong brand name
-Maintain high standards. Elevate and maintain quality throughout the entire Domino’s system
-Flawless execution. Perfect operations with the goals of making quality products
-Delivering with smart hustle and positive energy
Pizza Hut -Marketing a fun, social atmosphere in Pizza Hut’s sit down restaurants
-Free delivery
-Menu strategy
-Strong brand image

Wendy’s -Creating the “Red” character for commercials
-Digital marketing
-New menu items. Wendy’s is focusing on adding healthy and premium items to the menu
-Gives a convenience and faster service
-All the product being fresh and never been frozen
HealthyLicious -Offering healthier food for adults and

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