Blue Ocean Theory Analysis

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1. Blue ocean theory.
By, W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne.

Objective - To find the true meaning of the blue ocean theory.

Analysis :-
Blue ocean theory comes into action when a new product is introduced into the market and that product has no competition in the market whatsoever.
For example, this theory applied to Apple’s iPhone when Steve Jobs released it into the market the product was so innovative that no one had ever come up with something like that which created a monopolistic market for the product. This helped the company climb the stock market and generate more profits and gain the trust of their customers the easy way. This was just one example but there are many other instances where the blue ocean theory came into action like
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And finally, the strategy has to be put into action with the help of the right set of tools as a vision and a mission is not enough to take the company to greater heights.

4. Creating a new market space. By, W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne.
Objective - To create a perfect new market space for the product.

Analysis :-
Cresting a new market space requires different pattern of strategic thinking. Instead of looking within the boundaries that define how we compete, managers can look systematically across them. By doing so they can find loopholes and other places which might be of a lot of value.
1. Looking across substitute industries.
2. Looking across strategic groups within industries.
3. Looking across the chain of buyers.
4. Looking across complementary products and service offerings.
5. Looking across the functional or emotional appeal to buyers.
6. Looking across time.
7. Regenerating large
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The was collected through interviews with CEO and key decision taking people. The study shows how the decision process taken should be compatible with the characteristics of the organization .

8. Bringing Blue Ocean Strategy to FMCG Market
By. Simon Düsseldorf and E.F.M. Wubben Objective – To test the applicability of Blue Ocean Strategy in FMCG Market
The research was conducted on the European fruit and vegetable market to introduce Young fruit in the European market . the data was collected through interviews and questionnaire method . the data was analysed in two stages . the first stage the data was analysed through value curve and in the second stage it was compared with the new value curve and the value innovation curve. This would help the new product target new buyers.this paper shows that BOS can be applied in any market and in this case the FMCG market.

9. Analysis of the innovative strategies for value creation in the smartphone market: A case study approach using blue ocean framework. by. Dr. Sujata Joshi, Saurabh Saxena and Juhi

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