Blue Pantry Poem

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Donald Hall's "Without" explains to the reader's the painful process that he had to go through losing his wife to leukemia. From the way Hall spoke about his wife in the book she seemed like she was very charming and someone that meant the world to him. They both had many things in common but one of the things that they both admired was writing poetry. In the poem "A Beard for a Blue Pantry", is where it simply said that his wife wrote poetry about the beard Hall grew. This book is written in past tense and he speaks of the memories he and Jane had together growing up. One of the memories that was mentioned a number of times throughout the book was the two of them go to Eagle Pond. Eagle Pond is where they both would go to write poetry together…show more content…
A really good metaphor that was used in the poem “A beard for a Blue Pantry” when he says, “Or washed her abundant hair which is gone now, like Bluebeard who sickened and dwindled away”. (Hall). This line is very relatable because I’ve had family that lost their hair due to cancer. He showed the audience what was going on instead of telling us. In my opinion, I believe that the poem “Her Long Illness” really painted an image for the readers and made us feel as if we were there at the hospital with him and watching him nervously pacing around, drinking coffee, and reading poetry to his wife while in chemotherapy. He was a dedicated husband there by wife’s side The words throughout the whole book was great works and made us feel what he was using the words weren’t difficult to understand. Hall arouses feelings of sorrow in the readers’ minds by telling us exactly how he felt while his wife was dying and after her death. Hall felt lonely and didn’t know how to live without Jane. In closing, “Without” is a very deep, heartbreaking, and touching book of poems. This books made me feel like I was in the readers’ shoes by the images he painted for the readers. Hall did an amazing job showing the readers rather than telling. I believe that the message in this story is to always cherish the ones you love because death doesn’t have a name on
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