Blue Poem Analysis

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In my poem titled "Blue", I tried to get across my thought that blue is a symbol for life. I try to do this by using the lack of structure, and the use of detail, diction, and figurative language. I use these all to help my readers get a better understanding of what I want them to think.

In my poem, I use structure, or the lack thereof, to emphasize my thought that blue is a symbol for life. The structure of my poem is a free verse poem, with six stanzas, five lines each. I believe that the free verse structure helps the poem have the right feeling. The way that a lack of meter flows so effortlessly is how I want my poem to make my audience feel; it feels natural as if I am just speaking to the readers. But I also wanted my poem to stay organized
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When writing my poem, I was very careful with word choice. If a word sounded weird or didn 't seem to get my point across, I changed it to a better fitting word, so I could try my best to keep it sounding natural. Another important role diction played in my poem was in my overall subject. I basically wrote my poem about the different connotations of blue and what it means. I talked about it as a color of thing such as the ocean or a bedroom wall, but I also discussed blue as a feeling. I think that by doing both of these things, my readers would be able to better understand my opinion and view. This could also helped give my poem a natural feel that makes it easier to…show more content…
Vivid detail included in a story can be a big clue as to what an author is trying to get you to see. My poem included a lot of descriptive detail, such as imagery. I mostly used visual imagery in my poem to convey my message. Adjectives and phrases used to describe my ideas of blue helped me stay specific. One example of this would be in the first stanza when I describe the ocean. I use the phrase "swiftly dancing in the wind" to help my readers see the ocean as I do. I also use the phrase "the beautiful, blue background on both a beautiful day and a starry night" in my second stanza to help my readers picture the sky I am describing. If an audience can close their eyes and imagine the scene that the lines portrayed, they would be able to have a similar understanding on the topic as the author does. This could help them know what is being talking about, so they can get the same thoughts that the author does while writing the poem. If my details are specific enough, my readers can paint the same picture in my head, allowing them an easier understanding of my
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