Blue Remembered Hills Analysis

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We read the beginning of scene 1 in Blue Remembered Hills (BRH) and conveyed where the status changes between Peter and Willie. To do this, we had a line of masking tape on the floor, and the closer you were to it, the more status you had. When Peter says “I said give us a bit, didn’t I?” which causes him to gain status of Willie, as he is being very commanding. However, Willie says “Germs! […] Horrible germs and things […] eat ‘em, go home and die. In agony”. Due to his knowledge about germs, Willie gains status over Peter because he knows more about germs and how dangerous they are. Also, the pause before “In agony” is a scare tactic he uses against Peter. However, Peter ups Willie with “My dad controls hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of men”. This means Peters gains status but can also signify that Willie may have father issues as he does not rebuttal. This gives Peter the overall high…show more content…
During this activity, we realised that none of them liked Donald, however most of them recognised that he found it hard to make friends or hold relationships with people. We role played a scene where a head teacher was disciplining some students on having a fight in the playground to explore. Firstly, we tried different ways of starting the role play, including the gait we should use when walking in, how we should sit down and how we should present ourselves. After these two exercises, we explored and practiced a section from scene 16, which was when the characters were hiding from the escaped convict. Also, we used emotion memory to help us think about what fun it is to be a child, which helped us with the way we acted; seven year olds who only know what was told them by other children. This session helped me understand the relationship between Donald and the rest of the
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