Blue Ridge Case Study

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From the rocky ridges and tumbling falls to the highest peak in Georgia, the Blue Ridge region is one of the best places to build a new theme park. One of the reasons why the Blue Ridge is a great place to build this theme park is because it already has a lot of tourism. This means that people would all over the world would come to visit, making the overall revenue of Georgia higher. Another reason for this is that it has gorgeous scenery and natural landscape, making it easy for first-time visitors to come over and over again. Not only that, but abundant wildlife can allow for the park to educate visitors on the importance of saving our forests and the animals that live within them. For these reasons, I believe that the Blue Ridge region is…show more content…
First of all, there are many fossils underground, meaning that an amusement park could possibly “erase history” and prevent certain discoveries from occurring. Most fossils also have a lot of limestone, meaning that the ground water is slightly acidic. This would make refreshments slightly unhealthy for the average consumer. Also, with acidic groundwater means acidic soil, making it bad for crops. The last region, the Coastal Plain, cannot be the building place for the new Georgia amusement park either, for many reasons. First of all, hot humid summers may lure people to another region for their vacation. Also, agriculture in this region is inconsistent due to the inconsistent soil, sometimes mud, sometimes dry and sandy. For all these reasons, it has led me to believe that the Blue Ridge is the best place to build an amusement park. With its already popular landscape, tourism can lead to a lot of business. Also, with the agriculture it can have fresh concessions always ready. This is why the Blue Ridge is going to be an amazing region to build one of the most wonderful amusement parks in the
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