Blue Ridge Community College Case Study

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As a marketing director, I would like to explore the possibility of this marketing proposal. It involves the expansion of the community college. People would be able to take the advantage of receiving a college education so they can pursue their future endeavors. Upgrading the campus would help serve the community and provide functional buildings for students who cannot afford to go to a four-year university. It has been expected that many students would go to a community college because it is cheaper. Therefore, we must implement future expansions. On my behalf, I would like to be socially responsible for the changes affecting the college. I am well aware of the procedures and is authorized to make ethical decisions according to regulations. With that being said, I find it necessary to serve the community by upgrading the campus. I approve this proposal. I believe that is in everyone 's best interest to approve this proposal. For years, the administration, faculty, and students have been hearing about these future projects. This could potentially help the community make most of their money by taking opportunities Blue Ridge Community College has to offer. Therefore, we must approve this plan to help enrich people to a brighter future. To my knowledge, there are no ethical implications that could prevent this…show more content…
We are holding this meeting to inform the public and offering refreshments and music for all the faculty on campus. People are only encourage and welcomed to come to this meeting with the marketing department. In the future, we would like to share this proposal among the community using the media and the internet to get the word spread. These future plans could benefit the faculty and its students. Blue Ridge Community College has the privilege of being a campus that can make a positive impact and the money spent will be worth it. After all, it is spent on
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