Blue Van Meer Obstacles

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As humans, we face many obstacles throughout our lifetime. Some may be minor, while others may be drastic. However, each new obstacle changes us as well as the way we think about life. For better or for worse, these trials help shape who we are today. In the book Special Topics in Calamity Physics by Marisha Pessl, Blue van Meer is no stranger to taking tests, whether they’re in school, or in her life. She always faces obstacles head on, dealing with trials such as tragedy, change and competition. From these challenges, Blue learns about dealing with loss from her mother dying young, how to focus on her long term goals from moving all across the country, and how to work hard to get into her dream school, Harvard. Throughout this book, new obstacles…show more content…
Her family is constantly moving to new cities, leading to new houses and new schools. Going into her senior year, Blue’s dad surprises Blue with a new house, one they will reside in until Blue leaves for college. “The idea of a Permanent House (the definition of which I took to be any shelter Dad and I inhabited in excess of 90 days) was nothing more than a Pipe Dream” (Pessl 45) Blue had often wished to settle in one area, and she finally gets her wish. For the next seven months, the van Meer’s would live in Stockton, North Carolina. They move into a new house, which is surprisingly large. Blue is concerned about the cost of the house and tries to persuade her dad to move into a smaller house, as they are only a family of two and they have more space than they need. The dad however, refuses, as he is determined to make their last house memorable. Another constant change in the family is women. Blue is not opposed to the idea of her dad dating, and knows every detail of how her dad acts in a relationship. She has many crazy stories of each breakup, and finds many notes left over around the house. “Dad picked up women the way certain wool pants can’t help but pick up lint” (Pessl 29) It is unclear if Blue wants a motherly figure in her life, but in reality, since they move so often, that is not possible. Change comes naturally to Blue, and unlike others, is nothing she fears. Change has evolved Blue into…show more content…
Ever since she was young, Blue’s dad pushed her to be the best student she can be. His goal for her is to attend Harvard University and has made it her goal as well. When Blue was young, her dad bought her a desk specifically for writing her college application. Her dad describes the desk as “the perfect surface on which to draft an admissions essay to make any Harvard graybeard shiver in his dress slacks.” (Pessl 52) Because he has set a big goal for her, Blue learns how to work hard in school and stay focused on her long term goal instead of getting caught up in high school drama. Despite moving to dozens of new schools, Blue is always the one to beat, and her dad makes sure the dean of any new school knows that. “Naturally, students will be threatened by her, especially those who anticipate they’ll be first or second in the class.” (Pessl 63) Because Blue has such a good record, her dad automatically assumes she will be at the top of her class wherever she goes, always striving to earn the valedictorian spot at graduation. Competition comes naturally to Blue, and is something she excels at, constantly keeping her alert and on her
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