Blue Whale Challenges

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There are fifty odd tasksthat every player in the Game got to complete, till the end. Some tasks are physical. Self- harming seems to be a constant theme in these extreme tasks. Cutting marks into legs and arms, carving a whale onto skin, poking fingers with needles etc. Some tasks are purely psychological like visiting graves at night, watching horror movie sall day, listening to certain types of music that is sent by the administrator, standing atop tall buildings and isolating oneself by not speaking to people for days together. The last task is simple. On a date set by the administrator, the victim just has to jump off a building, hang or any other means to end his or her life.Cuts, burns, asphyxiation, the list of ways by which adolescents are willing to self-harm and even die in the name of a challenge is bewildering and it makes sense to step back from the hysteria and hearsay and try to understand the psychological dynamics of a teen mind and peer pressure. Now for many the proverbial elephant in the room has transformed into a Blue Whale and the…show more content…
One of the senior psychiatry consultants at sunrise hospital in Kochi, compares the game to drugs and alcohol. He says that after one enters the game it becomes very difficult to escape. He further continues saying that children with psychological problems are more vulnerable to the Challenge. Children suffering from ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactive disorder) are also vulnerable to such games and challenges. Accordingly, it could be the parents and the teachers are quite capable of checking the menace, and even the parents can determine if their children are playing the Blue Whale Challenge by monitoring their behavior and keeping an eye out for any unexplained injuries or wounds. The Blue Whale Challenge is growing in popularity; it could be termed the spread of the game as a challenge to
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