Examples Of Social Media Challenges

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Social media challenges have become a growing trend over the years, especially among young internet users. Challenges are usually harmless, and they can be a great way for people across the world to connect with each other and have fun together online. Many of these challenges are created lightheartedly and done with humor, such as the mannequin challenge, which encouraged people to post videos of themselves standing still like a mannequin. Some challenges were even created to bring awareness to a cause or to raise money for a charity, like the ice bucket challenge. Unfortunately, some challenges are created out of malice, and they bring with them death and destruction. The blue whale challenge falls under this last category and it is an example of how a social media challenge can be used as an extreme form of cyberbullying. Sadly, this challenge is targeted towards teens and it was created to manipulate them into killing themselves. Just as a blue whale will beach itself on land and slowly die, the blue whale challenge incites teens into a world of torment that ends with the teen committing suicide. This…show more content…
However, it has been reported that these administrators may have used cyberbullying methods such as threatening to expose embarrassing and possibly harmful information about the victim if they refused to complete a task (Rossow, 2018). The administrators are believed to have gathered this personal information about their victim by spending time studying the teens social media accounts. While there is still no direct proof of this connection, it does highlight the necessity of educating teens about the risks of oversharing personal information online and about the dangers associated with accepting friend requests from
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