Stress Free Lifestyle Analysis

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Hook Buzzz! Buzzzz! The sound of my obnoxiously loud alarm clock. I than lean over my bed to reach for the end button. With only one eye open, I managed to look at the time. 6:30am. I then scream, “OH MY GOSH, I'M GOING TO BE LATE”. I jumped up, hopped off my bed, and reached into my closet and pulled out my work clothes. As I run down the hall to get to the bathroom, I knocked on my siblings doors, screaming everyone get up. Everyone then comes out their room. Now everyone began to fight to get to the bathroom. All six of us at 6:40am piled up at the bathroom door. Somehow I pushed myself through and made it in the bathroom. I struggle to shut the door. Once the door was closed, I took a shower and then put on my clothes. Next I ran…show more content…
Buettner called these habits Blue Zone behaviors. His team and he went across the according to Mr. Buettner there are nine different behaviors. Some of them include example such as live a stress Free lifestyle means to limited yourself from all stress. Plant- based which means to only eat natural foods. Another behavior would be to have a healthy social network, mean that people should stay away from negative people, or bad ideas. Although my household on nine people can adapt to one of Blue Zone habits discussed by Dan Buettner, we cannot have a healthy social network, a stress free lifestyle, or a plant based…show more content…
My family is all over the place. My mom has six kids of her own and adapted one, she takes care of all of us plus her boyfriend, whose liver is currently failing. Then there's me, I have one job that pays good but not enough for me to spend it on myself. Next is the boys. One out of the four boys is trying to get somewhere in life, while the other three rather let the streets take the best of them. Then the baby, who's never going to understand the word “stop”. Last is my sister, who’s walks around trying to get everything her way. My household will forever be stressful. For all nine of us to be on a plant based diet is impossible. We all consumed fast foods almost every second of the day. Last week my family spent almost fifty dollars at McDonald's. Each one of us have a large meal. Even down to the baby have a happy meal. Sometimes I try to resist and eat at home but my household is only filled with non healthy food. The only way my household could eat on a plant based diet is if the prices for healthy foods were lower than the one dollar cheeseburger at McDonald's. That will never happen, therefore my household can not be on a plant based
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