Analysis Of Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye

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My dissertation is based on the topic, the diseased mind of women in the works of women novelists like Sylvia Plath and Toni Morrison where I have tried to analyze their novels The Bell Jar (1963) and The Bluest Eye (1970) through a psychological lens. It is very important to look at the works psychologically because though much work has been done in this area yet I felt the need to explore a few more aspects of the psychological field.
Women have always been considered the ‘Other’ or the ‘second sex’. They are not given an adequate platform to express their ideas and views and even their urge for creative writing is put on reins. As such she suffers from frustration and not finding any source to give an outlet to the feelings,
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This work is powerfully engaged with questions of history, memory and trauma. I have also analyzed African- American woman’s work and their collective experience and struggles such as the case of Pauline Breedlove who toils both at home and also at the Fisher household. But in spite of drudging so hard all day long her husband doesnot recognize her efforts and they share a very troubled married with frequent violent outbursts which has a very negative impact on both their children- Sammy runs away from home most of the time and Pecola becomes a recluse and breaks down mentally, she even wishes to disappear. There are many reasons as to why women and children in The Bluest Eye have a disturbed and traumatic mind .The portrayal of quest for beauty, racism, incest, child abuse, domestic violence and family disputes, inconsiderate parenthood, biological changes like puberty and prostitution in the novel gives us an insight into the various reasons for the malady of the female characters particularly Pecola’s silence almost throughout the novel portrays her gradual regression into…show more content…
She becomes a victim of an alien culture where all women become victims and feel themselves to be ugly and also suffer from an inferiority complex as a result of the impact of white standards of beauty. Her imbalanced mental state is also due to the uncaring and unsupportive nature of her mother as well as the unhealthy familial relations inside the home where the father on the one hand rapes the daughter and on the other burns down the house along with daily disputes between the parents. I have thus reached the conclusion that females are more vulnerable to acquire a diseased mind as they are always under the confining bell jar of the society and the family as a
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