Essay On Security And Encryption

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Chapter 2
Security and Encryption
the process of preventing and detecting unauthorized using of your computer is called Computer security, prevention help to stop unauthorized users (also known as "intruder") from accessing computer system, detection determine where if someone attempted to break into system or not. Network security is the proper safeguarding of all components associated with a network.
Security involves the various measures to protect network's components and resource from various threats including physical (e.g., natural disaster, sabotage) and illegitimate users. In generally, security is similar to safety, Security is the condition of being protected against danger and loss [9].
Security issues associated with co-operative routing in multi-hop wireless networks they are as follows [12]:
• Confidentiality: The confidentiality property refers to limiting unauthorized access to sensitive information.
• Integrity: Message integrity is concerned with ensuring that the message is modified or allowed to be altered by only authorized agents.
• Availability: Message availability ensures that the nodes are safe from denial of service attacks.
Wireless technologies
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WLANs are being largely used in education, healthcare, financial industries, and various public places such as airline lounges, coffee shops, and libraries. Although the technology has been standardized for many years, providing the wireless network security has become a critical area of concern. Due to the broadcast nature of the wireless communication, it becomes easy for an attacker to capture wireless communication or to disturb the normal operation of the network by injecting additional traffic [7]. WLANs are very flexible and topologies configured based on the application. Some possible uses of WLANs are mentioned
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