Blurred Lines Analysis

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The video blurred lines potrays masculinity as having relationships with multiple women as masculine as well as smoking cigarettes and drinking liquor. They echo the message of feminity by wearing revealing clothing, red lipstick, and provoctive dancing. A woman must be willing to be embraced as a tool only for sexual purposes and be degraded by being called a "bitch". Woman need to be animals, or freaks, so they can be sexually exploited by men who are there to bring out the animal in them. Women are more desirable with makeup, red lipstic that symbolizes infedelity.
In the music video, they show Robin Thicke talking or maybe whispering in the girls ear saying, "I know you want it". Reffering to sex of course, while the girl is biting her finger, meaning she is turned on to what Robin Thicke said. Also, when Robin Thicke is getting his cigarette lighted by the blone female, she licks her lips provactively implying that its sexually attractive to smoke cigarettes.
The obvious fact is that all the women are sexual provateurs in their own fashion, but what alot of people watching the video didnt notice is that the video is titled "Blurred Lines" The lines are representations of boundaries in sex life. Blurred lines are implying that the man, or woman cant say no,
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Its everywhere. Sex sells. Since the beginning of man, there is this subconscious fascination with sexual fantasies that has led people to profit through advertisement. The question is, how can you take responsibility and limit the effect that these advertisements have? Another question we all need to ask ourselves is, what does it mean to be male or female? Recently in the news we have seen Rachel Dolezarz, head of the NAACP identify herself as black as she changed her straight hair to kinky and got a tan to make herself darker. Does it mean identifyinng as black, or male, or female as simple as following a set of
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