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There are many stories throughout the world both non-fiction and fiction which show how the lines can become blurred between victim and perpetrator. Three texts which show how the lines can become blurred very well include The Story of Tom Brennan which is a novel written by the Australian author J.C Burke and the other two texts include Shattered, and In my Little Town which are both Australian story episodes. In all three of these texts they show that the lines between both a perpetrator and a victim can indeed become blurred. For the purpose of this essay a victim is someone who in the result of an accident had be injured or even killed and a perpetrator is a person who has committed some sort of crime. All three of the texts can show that…show more content…
This text shows how the lines can become blurred between both a perpetrator and a victim more than the other two. This story all started in 2010 when five male friends became drunk and decided to go for a drive. After a while on the road the driver Brenton Chaplin started going faster and as they approached a corner they were going too fast and the car crashed. One of the boys in the car Leigh Charter was killed in the accident and some of the other people were injured. This accident caused Leigh Charters father Leigh Charter Senior and the rest of the town to hate on the Chaplin family to cause them to almost be victims in that case. As the people of the community began to hate on the family they found words written on a wall saying “Brenton Chaplin killed our mate.” (Australian Story 2010) What happened next showed even more how the lines between victim and perpetrator can become blurred and that was that Leigh Charter Senior started to become aggressive and one night came over to the Chaplin family home with two knives prepared to kill Brenton. In the end Leigh Charter Senior managed to stab everyone else in the Chaplin family, killing Wendy Chaplin who was Brenton’s mother and then after leaving the Chaplin’s home he ended up hanging himself from a crane. Although he was a victim in the situation to start with Leigh Charter Senior ended…show more content…
This novel shows the story of a young male by the name of Tom Brennan who is forced to move from where he lives when his brother Daniel becomes the perpetrator in a horrible accident. Much like in the Australian story In my Little Town this novel in centred all around a terrible car crash caused by a young male. In The Story of Tom Brennan one of the main times where the line between perpetrator and victim can be blurred is with the character Claire. Claire probably was the reason Daniel started become aggressive and crazy which is what lead up to the accident because she broke up with him while he was drunk before the accident occurred. This part of the book shows that Claire could be partly responsible for the accident and could probably be also a perpetrator in this situation. Tom Brennan also added to Daniels rage when Daniel was angry by trying to stop him from doing something stupid and starting a fight. The community of Mumbilli could also be perpetrators altogether in a way because when they were still in Mumbilli the Brennan’s got a lot of hate from the town even having “shame on you Brennan’s” (P. 174) written on their back wall at their Mumbilli
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