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Many customers experience eye pain or an eye emergency and don’t know whether to call Atlantis Vision Center or to call their primary care physician. Sometimes, they do nothing, unaware that they are experiencing a sight-threatening emergency, and wait until it’s too late to see a professional. This post will attempt to help you determine whom to call based on your symptoms. You can’t go wrong with a periodic comprehensive eye exam as recommended by an eye doctor to make sure your eyes stay healthy and your vision remains intact. But aside from that, there are some signs and symptoms that should alert you to call an eye doctor as soon as possible for an eye examination. If you experience an onset of any kind of vision problems, call the eye doctor immediately. Even if it’s after hours, it’s time to make the call. Sudden blurred vision in one or both eyes could be an indication of an underlying and serious health problem such as diabetes…show more content…
One such symptom is the gradual arrival of blurred vision. A gradual blurring of vision is not usually an emergency. If you do notice that your vision has become blurry over a period of time then it is a good reason to schedule an eye examination with Atlantis Vision Center. Gradual blurred vision could indicate cataracts, a need for glasses, or a change in prescription. Occasional eye pain or eye strain is typically not a serious emergency, and therefore can be handled by the professional staff at Atlantis Vision Center. Environmental allergies, lack of sleep, or any number of other factors can cause these symptoms. If you experience pain for a more than few days, call your eye doctor for an examination. If you’re experiencing severe eye pain, especially following a surgery, it could be a serious problem which calls for immediate

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