Blythewood High School Student Analysis

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It would be remiss of me to try and write about the adversities I have faced as a high school student attending Blythewood High School, without first reflecting on the many blessings I have been awarded. I attend a wonderful school with some of the best teachers in South Carolina who provide quality education and the tools that I must use to succeed in any field of life. I was also fortunate enough to grow up in a nuclear household with two educated parents who were able to help me with anything that I lacked in, whether that may be hiring a tutor for me or sitting at the kitchen table late at night to help me finish my homework. The adversities that I have faced are miniscule in comparison to some of the students that I sit right next to in class, but I have had my share of difficulties too. I remember starting my freshman year at Blythewood High School thinking about all the changes that I would have to face, transitioning from Kelly Mill Middle School to this large campus in this little town of Blythewood. I assumed it would be like the movies; a school full of adult looking teenagers and tables for the “popular kids” and “the jocks”. It wasn’t at all like those movies, but one characteristic about high school and life in general…show more content…
I am also a member of the National Honor Society and this year I thought it would truly be a blessing t provide someone with a prom dress, shoes, makeup , and all the work necessary to have an amazing night. Through the National Honor Society Prom Project, Sponsored by GLEAM we were able to give one less fortunate girl the memory of a
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