Bm2 Welch Leadership

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1. One thing I did not expect as a young man during my journey in the Coast Guard, whether 4 years or 30, that I would have the privilege to meet some great leaders. I usually had the proper leadership for the stage of my career I was in to help me get to the next stage. BM2 Welch was there for the first stage, rough around the edges and a stickler for detail. Since I was still so new to the Coast Guard, I needed the firm hand BM2 provided. He gave me direction, taught me a work ethic I carry with me to this day. As a brand new petty officer, BMC Jeff Reed instilled in me the importance of holding people responsible for their actions. Furthermore, he talked a lot about family, showing me how important they are to a person’s life. To this…show more content…
Things that helped me through my career are what created my leadership philosophy. There is an “M” in team; Build professionals by being a professional, everyone needs humility to succeed; Just relax. There is an “M” in team, because the team starts with the “Me”, the individual. Everyone on a team has a duty to prepare themselves mentally and physically. If all members of a team take ownership of their personal preparedness, a team’s success is certain. Build professionals by being a professional. We don’t train students, we build assaulters. They are watching you, make your example count for the right reasons. Build good habits to pass onto others. Everyone needs humility to succeed, without it we will fail. Interact with our fellow Coasites with a great deal of mutual respect; we are all brothers and sisters with one common goal, service to our nation. Do not be arrogant towards those outside the Coast Guard; these are the people we serve. Most importantly, do not be overconfident when facing an enemy, prepare and plan. There is more than one success riding on the performance of our team. Just relax, simple but very hard to achieve in some situations. It you don’t relax, the answer to your problem will never materialize. Things will work out, just relax and think
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