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1. What are Stephanie’s current BMI and BMI-for-age percentile? How is her weight classified based on the recommendations?
• Stephanie’s calculated BMI is 17.9. According to the CDC growth charts, she is in the 90th% BMI-for-age and the NICH classifies her as overweight (Brown et al., 2016).
2. What areas should the registered dietitian focus on during the dietary assessment according to these recommendations?
• The NICH suggests that diet, physical activity, and attitudes be assessed. Dietary behaviors that should be evaluated includes the consumption of products such as sweetened-beverages, fruits and vegetables, and unnecessary portion sizes. The amount of time the child spends on the computer and watching television should be managed and
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She is classified as obese with the new recommendations (Brown et al., 2016).
5. What treatment changes are recommended at this point?
• Stephanie should now be referred to a staged approach because she is in the 97th%. In stage 1 she will be visiting a physician or health professional that can help her to manage her weight. She now has behavior goals such as no sugar-sweetened beverages, limiting meals outside of the home, increasing physical activity equal to or more than 1 hour each day (Barlow, 2007). Her weight goals should be aimed towards the 85-94th% range with a long term goal of less than the 85th%.
6. What are the next stages and recommended treatments?
• Once Stephanie has gone through the initial first stage with no improvements in 3-6 months, then she will move onto stages 2-4. In stage two the physician will meet with the child monthly in order to help them with a more structured weight management plan. In stage 3 there will be a team assigned to the child that will meet with them on a weekly basis for about 3 months. This can include dieticians, personal trainers, and a primary care physician. The goal for the child is a gradual weight loss of one pound her month. Stage 4 is not recommended for children from ages 6-11 (Barlow,
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