International Business Case Study: Bavarian Motor Works

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In this study, our group was assigned to examine a well-known international company in Malaysia. I have chosen the company Bavarian Motor Works (BMW) to implement three semesters of course work assignments for the subject of subject management principles. There are three sub-topics should I start to look for. Among business activities conducted by the BMW Company is, SWOT analysis, concepts of international business matters applied by the BMW Company and marketing strategy adopted by BMW Company. Based on the analysis conducted BMW company has undertaken various activities to improve the profitability of the company. In fact, BMW Company has formulated a number of policies to enhance and strengthen their businesses globally. In addition, the BMW Company is indeed practicing international business concepts such as borderless world, created market and globalization.
In addition, researchers have identified business activities conducted by the BMW Company. Among the types of business activities conducted by the BMW Company is marketing the car. The researchers also studied the strategies of the analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT). Next, the
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Meanwhile, a third weakness may be identified by the increase in prices. BMW also produces luxury cars which require best quality materials, skilled manpower and excellent brand image. All this has led to users assuming the price of cars BMW is very expensive compared to the price of other cars. The disadvantage is that the latter is five is too few acquisitions and strategic partnerships. 90% of BMW's growth is organic and only 10% was from acquisitions. Without acquisitions, the company found it difficult to grow even with a more exclusive engineering capability. Therefore, if a company wants to grow more significantly, it has to gain more brand and enter into more strategic
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