Bmw Marketing Strategy

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No doubt about the fact that the automotive industry is constantly changing and among biggest, innovation and most competitive media spenders. It has been noticed that automotive manufacturers focus mainly on model-led advertising, including BMW, Audi and Mercedes in order to put up strong brand emphasis. It has been reflected in allocation of media spending of the year, where each spent between 50%-60% on its media budget on range ads of brand for multiple new and previous models (Benjamin, 2015). The study will analyse and compares the marketing and communication strategy of BMW with their competitors i.e. Mercedes Benz and Audi. These three German companies are known to be the market leaders in supplying automobiles. They have the strong…show more content…
The company is able to achieve strong market presence in almost hundred countries including Unites States, Canada, India, United Kingdom and Korea etc. in present time, BMW is able to position the company in premium segments with three of their world famous brands i.e. Rolls-Royce, BMW, Mini (, 2015). In the year 2012, BMW was announced by Forbes as being most reputable business of the world. The most classiest and stylish cars all around the globe that is known for its design and quality is BMW. Market Sector and Core Competence Company’s global marketing strategy has highlighted the activities which are able to develop an emotional association spotlights that customers’ actually enjoy driving superior and premium automobiles (, 2015). Majorly, BMW’s success is associated with the development of constant based marketing polices, the ‘market niche’ strategy adopted by the company. The brand is able to build on four core values including: •…show more content…
In order to target their young customer, the company places ads on Spotify as the young market is mainly technology oriented, this is the reason BMW has choose to promote their product on Spotify (Stalder, 2011). The brand has created power image which can be experienced and shares by all car lovers all around the globe as a sign of luxury, performance and power, all joined into power packed machines which are treat to drive, possess and watch. Majority of BMW’s product targets the creative and affluent class that prefers to spend more in BMW products, showcasing how they feel about the brand and what it stands for. This is the reason why is it known as ‘Ultimate Driving

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