Project Proposal for Developing Dashboards in State of Arizona K-12 education system (BNAD 597A)

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BNAD 597A - Learning Objectives

CLIENT: Arizona department of education
Name: Manoj Prahaladarao
Role: Compliance Manager
Team: Aviral Choudhary, Pranav Bhandary, Kunbo Zhao, Jay Patel, Manoj Prahaladarao

1. Client background Research: Arizona department of education(ADE) is a state agency which oversees public education in the state of Arizona. ADE supports about 15 county-level education agencies which covers more than 200 public school districts. Its headquarters is located at downtown, Phoenix. State superintendent of public instruction oversees ADE and the current superintendent is Diane Douglas. Lisa Byler is the deputy associate superintendent. She has more than 15 years of experience in a fast-paced executive environment as an experienced
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The goal of the project is to leverage best of breed visualization software to minimize the cost to develop and maintain dashboards. In this initial phase of this project aims at developing a single dashboard that will display summarized students results and identify trends in the results. Results obtained are of AZ merit, a computer based test measures critical thinking skills for college and career readiness

Data tell stories: The first step for any data analysis using visualization is to identify the source of data. In this project, source of data will be SQL server database. SQL server database latest version is installed and its connection with the proposed visualization tools is tested. Appendix/ data dictionary is analyzed. Our aim for this project is tell stories using data visualizations. This will be accomplished by developing various types of visualization to appreciate and identify trends in data. 3 suggested visualizations, i.e. histograms, stacked charts and barrel chart will be used
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Thanks for all the effort taken to get us esteemed clients and providing the initial documents which has helped us to take a leap before the semester has started. Hoping to work hard to satiate our client needs and make a difference, so that we can make Eller great again
Manoj Prahaladarao

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