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Bo Jackson, a man with god-given abilities and athleticism like the world had never seen before, captivated the world of sports into a state of awe in the late 80’s and early 90’s. “In 1989, Nike built a campaign with a series of commercials centered on Jackson’s athletic versatility—“Bo knows football. Bo knows baseball. Bo knows basketball. Bo knows tennis.” One after one, the greats of each sport attested to Jackson’s God-given, all-around athletic prowess” (Ellis). Nike’s campaign exemplified Bo Jackson’s un-earthly athletic ability, and propelled him into being the most well-known athlete on the planet. Bo became this figure of myth through a life structured on him working hard for his family and having the right people around him and at the right times to see him and expose him to the world stage. Bo broke records in high school, college, and beyond en route to becoming an athlete the world could never possibly forget. Bo Jackson is the most mesmerizing athlete of…show more content…
This injury required hip-replacement, and looked to be the end of Bo Jackson and his sports career. Following the injury, he was released by the Los Angeles Raiders and the Kansas City Royals. Yet, after hip replacement and close to a year of rehab, Bo Jackson miraculously returned to baseball and signed with the Chicago White Sox in 1993 (Bo Jackson Statistics and History | Bo proceeded to play baseball for 3 more years on an artificial hip before retiring and ending his professional sports careers. Bo finished his baseball career with 598 hits, 141 home runs, and a batting average of .250. To this day, Bo Jackson remains to be the only person to ever play a professional sport with an artificial hip after replacement (You Don 't Know Bo: The Legend of Bo

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