Bo Jackson Essay

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Bo Jackson is composed of three traits that make him an epic hero, Humility, National Heroism, and Supernatural Foes. Bo Jackson is one of the best athletes of all time if not the best. He competed at the highest level in two different sports, by not just playing them, but by performing at the highest level in both sports. He competed in the All Star Game for baseball and hit leadoff, and he played in the National Football Leagues Pro Bowl. There are so many stories about Bo Jackson that will make a person question if the things he can do are even humanly possible. A few examples of Bo Jackson’s abilities, were when he dunked a stick on a ten foot basketball goal, he could do a backflip while standing in hip deep water and he also hit a line drive baseball so hard the batting cage fell over.
The first trait that Bo displays is Humility because the world recognized him for his great athletic ability and how humble he was about it. For example, Bo was recognized by Nike and they marketed the “Bo Knows” campaign showing how Bo knows how to play two sports. Bo did not truly play the sports for the fame, he plays them for the enjoyment of playing them both. Bo received a ton of fame and awards from his sports; winning the Heisman, playing against Alabama in the Iron Bowl, playing for
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The Foundation was started to inspire disadvantaged minority youth by giving them a chance to train at a very high and elite level, while remaining focused on their education and learning. Bo Jackson’s Foundation focuses on commitment, skills, discipline, character and dedication. Bo believes those traits will help the kids in their community, leadership, community involvement and personal growth. He has become a hero to so many children and families by giving them a chance to change their future for the better by giving them opportunities that they wouldn’t have had
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