Bo Jackson Hero Essay

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Despite Bo Jackson having a shortened pro sports career due to a dislocated hip and replacement surgery, his natural ability to compete and accomplish unbelievable feats categorized himself as an epic hero. Participating in sports such as baseball and football helped reveal great acts of courage and strength, making him nationally known and respected. His athletic campaign started with a humble beginning, growing up in a small town in Alabama, with channeling his anger into athletics. Although Bo Jackson possesses other qualities of an epic hero, being a nationally known role model, completing multiple acts of courage and strength, and his humble upbringing, best represents his image. Acts of courage and strength are noticeable in Jackson’s…show more content…
As Bo Jackson talked about whether he would change his past, he responded that he would live no other way. He had been gifted with natural talent and would not brag over his qualities that easily separated himself from other athletes. He stayed true to himself and would not be bullied by money or susceptible opportunities. When the Tampa Bay Buccaneers managed to make him ineligible for his upcoming baseball season at Auburn, he declined their offer when he was the first pick at the NFL draft. He managed to then prove baseball as his official sport and play professionally for the Kansas City Royals, humbly stating he would not be deterred. Overall, Bo Jackson is an astounding athlete who inspired many and has multiple characteristics of an epic hero. His impressive actions of courage and strength through multiple sports managed to give him the opportunity to succeed and bring attention to his abilities. He demonstrated humility when performing his unimaginable feats, not asking for recognition. His image was promoted through many forms of advertisements and entertainment nationwide, as well as worldwide. Through all the hardships, Bo Jackson overcame adversity and did more than the bare minimum in presenting himself as an epic
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