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Football and baseball super star Bo Jackson, had a life that was anything but ordinary. As a young man, he had an almost super human strength to him that no one else had seen before on a kid. He excelled in multiple sports because of his strength and speed, but where he really shined was baseball and football. Bo ended up being one of the best known American athletes because of his capability of great strength, humility, and national heroism. Bo Jackson had an amazing sense of strength and courage to himself. As a little kid, multiple witnesses say that they saw him kill a minister's pig by throwing a rock at it. He himself claims he threw a crab-apple through a screen window when him and the neighborhood kids were playing outside. True…show more content…
Not once did Bo ever ask for anything more than he was given. Even as a child, Bo moved from a two room house to a house with about five rooms still in a run down area of the town, and still claimed he said it felt like a castle. Even as an adult, Bo refused to sign to Tampa bay because they were willing to pay him a quarter-million dollars but all Bo wanted to do was play football. Above all, Bo never was into the party and club scene because of his overwhelming passion for sports.
Just as in the mythical creatures in Beowulf, Bo Jackson also is considered a hero to many people around him. Bo defeated the stereotype that all kids growing up in poverty can never make it big. He proved to others that anyone can achieve their dreams no matter where they came from. This made him a hero to others but especially the younger generation. Bo also became a hero to his classmates and team at Auburn university. Alabama and Auburn had been rebels for a long time after Auburn had not beat Alabama in nine years. The win was great for the team but Bo gave them something more; hope. To anyone, Bo Jackson was considered a hero in many ways rather it be his athletic career or humble heart.
Bo Jackson is an epic hero that will live on forever. He demonstrated extreme strength, humility and heroism throughout his career and his life. He taught people

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