Bo Jackson Essay About Sports

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During an early morning, a kid had his test scores handed back to him for him to discover that he scored a 75% on an Algebra test. This kid had dread and disgust smothered on his face. Soon after, the kid would grow a desire to do much better on the upcoming finals, in which he studied from when the fiery sun rose until the mysterious moon would arise to brighten the night and all its inhabitants, just because he had the hunger to ace the upcoming test. The day of the finals arose as the kid felt ready to battle the final test for his Algebra class. The kid fought long and hard and would soon find out that he scored a 93% on the test. One person who also showed strong intentions would be Vincent “Bo” Jackson. From his life as an extremely poor…show more content…
This would not be the only time he would do more than one sport. When Bo Jackson was drafted by the Royals in 1986, he decided to turn down his chance to play in the National Football League for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In 1987, he signed with the Oakland Raiders which lead to being one of the few athletes to be playing both in Major League Baseball and the National Football League. Many athletes decide to commit to just one sport and ignore any other sport that they were playing. With Bo Jackson, his ambition wanted to doubt everyone that did not believe he could play two professional sports. Jackson’s talent in both football and baseball lead to him becoming sponsored by Nike for a new promotional quote called Bo Knows which had commercials of him playing almost every sport there was in the United States. The importance of this advertisement was that Bo Jackson had so much ambition, that he would be determined to master every sport he could. Also, his ambition was so great, he would be able to be used as a motivation for many other people across the globe. In 1990, Bo Jackson decided to leave the National Football League for Major League Baseball by leaving Kansas City to go to Chicago so he could play for the White Sox in 1991. By 1993, he packed his bags and left the White Sox by going to the Golden State of California to play for the California Angels for just one
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