Boat Boy Observation

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Boat Boy
Some people are exciting, shy, boring, sassy, or several other qualities that make them who they are.
Over the course of six days I discovered that some people are just plain boring. It is better to watch paint dry to live alongside them for a day. Well while they are in school at least.
While intently observing my subject, I discovered some interesting things about him. For example when the teacher begins to lecture his face turns into a blank stare, showing no emotion at all. The boy with the blank face probably was just practicing keeping a straight face for when he would break up with his girlfriend later.
Throughout class boat boy continued to check his phone. Most likely checking to see how many retweets his shirtless picture with five filters applied to it. Almost everytime I look at him his phone was in his hands seventy percent of the time. His phone is what is most important to him, or whats on his phone thats most important to him. Subject likes to have things he
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He often taps and shakes his feet, ready to pressed his feet to the gas petal and leave school. He likes to turn his watch, maybe trying to make the time go faster, because he likes to have control of things.
Beige, beige, beige. I think he found interest in the TED talk about the color beige or he happened to walk into the store when they were having a sale. Boat boy wore the same jacket and same khakis. Maybe he was preparing for his future job in his cubicle because he payed too much attention to his phone and not in class.
When subject is in his natural habitat (in the group with his friends) he tends to lose the signal to his phone and begins to interact. When something interesting happens he comes up from below deck. He and his friends have quite a few inside jokes. He keeps everything in the inside because he doesn’t trust others or maybe he is use to stuff being taken from
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