Bob Dylan American Music In The 1960's

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American music cannot be defined by a single word. As American moved on from the Civil War, more immigrants and former slaves began to move into major cities and bring new music. This action created a more ethical diverse music genre as we moved into the 20th century. As move African-Americans moved into cities like New York City and Chicago, they brought Jazz which was influenced from their southern roots. Jazz came from New Orleans where Africans, French, Caribbean, and English were known to communicate with each other. Many musicians like Louie Armstrong and Duke Ellington were strongly influenced by ragtime, marches, and the blues. Louie Armstrong’s’ West Side Blues is an example where you could see hints of a march and blues even though it is considered a Jazz hit.…show more content…
While both genres were split based on ethnicity, country and black gospel were both strongly influenced by poor farmers in the south. Woody Guthrie sing his whole life about the troubles of growing up poor and how the dust bowl affected his family farm. After World War 2, Rock and Roll began to gain the attention of teenage generation. Bob Dylan strongly influenced the Rock and Roll scene during the 1960s and diverse genre of music. When British bands began to travel to the US, they took influence from African American styles of recording as they were exposed to new types of music. As music moved through the 20th century, it began to be exposed to new cultures and took elements from each of them. Jazz started with elements with elements from many different cultures while Rock and Roll continued to evolve as bands travelled to the US and saw new music styles. This period is defined by how music became influenced by many different types of ethnic
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