Bob Dylan In The Song It's Alright Ma '

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Emmie Hawkins
American Music
In the life of Bob Dylan
“Who is not busy being born is busy dying.” Bob Dylan stated this quote in his song “It’s Alright Ma (Im only bleeding).” (Margotin 134) Dylan used this quote to explain how to live your life to the fullest. He believed you only get one shot in life and you should choose to do the things you believe in despite the opinion of others. If you were alive during the 1960s you know who Bob Dylan was. His main career was a folk rock singer, but, beyond that, he was far more. With his music, Dylan would change the generation he was in and more that followed. Bob Dylan joined other prominent singers, at times, to bring an extra voice to the Civil Rights movement and many other social issues. He was one of the first musicians to use his music to become an activist on moral issues. Dylan had a gift of
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As politicians continued to send more and more troops to Vietnam, Americans began to question the involvement of the US and voiced their disapproval openly. In 1963, Bob Dylan recorded, “Masters of War,” as an angry protest song that voiced the opinions of the young people who were protesting against the war. He describes the brutality of war throughout the song. He explained how the government builds death planes, big bombs, and guns to aid in the brutality. Pointing fingers at the government, Dylan claims that they only build in order to destroy. The song states, “You put a gun in my hand and you hide from my eyes and you turn and ran farther when the fast bullets fly.” This represents how little concern the U.S. government seems to have for the high death rates caused by the war. He claims that their only goal is to win and nothing else seems to matter. By wishing death upon the ‘Masters of War’ at the end of the song, Dylan emphasizes the deep feelings the protesters had about wanting to end to the war and bringing peace throughout society (Margotin

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