Bob Ewell Analysis

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Criminological portrait of Bob Ewell In Harper Lee’s novel “To kill a Mockingbird” we could see the life in the small town with wide spectrum of characters of various social status, but almost the same prejudices. Most of the inhabitants belong to middle class: they are white people, who have some small business, and other part of the town, who, despite the abolishing of slavery, still face pressure. Bob Ewell and his family does not belong neither to any of these groups. He is one of the most controversial characters, who hates both “black” and “white” people. His hate spreads not only on dwellers of Maycomb, but also on members of his own family. Bob has characteristics of a typical representative of America’s tullies in early 30’s, that were full with uneducated and racist Southern population. Bob Ewell was not a frequenter in the town, and tried to avoid people. So, citizens of Maycomb knew only a few facts about him: he was rude; he believed that education is not important; he was unemployed. Despite the insufficiency of the information, people still considered him as person, who is better be avoided, however, in the court, juries supported his position. His daughter Mayella accused Tom, a black man, of raping and beating her. In reality, Bob the one responsible for abusing Mayella. He takes advantage of perceived superiority and imputed innocent Tom. By doing this, Bob pursued the goal common to such people - raise his family’s stature and become a hero. According
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