Bob Ewell Behavior In To Kill A Mockingbird

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To begin with, bob Ewell’s behavior during trial was provocative, ignorant, and gave off a vibe of untrustworthiness.Prejudicial behavior gave residents a sense of comfortable superiority which limits their ability of development as humans. To begin with, Bob Ewell’s behavior during trial was provocative, ignorant, and gave off a vibe of untrustworthiness. Ewells disrespected the judge as soon as he enters the court for he causes a commotion coming in late. He stated “ get out to his house quick, some nigger’d raped his girl.” (Lee 108-109) This explains his behavior, Ewell’s actions are provocative having the need to do and say as he pleases, because he thinks fully of himself and feels comfortable at where his positions stands. Later into the trial it is bob ewell turn to take the witness stand while continuing to be as cocky as ever, but as the questions demanded more detail atticus reaches a standing point that ewell is left handed but tom is not because he got his arm ripped loose by a cotton gin meaning there is no possible way that tom could have done anything”bob Ewell.. [...] signing it with his left hand, and Tom Robinson now sits before you, having taken the oath with one only good hand he poses- his right hand” (Lee 208) Atticus Finch then discredits Ewell and demonstrates that it was not Tom who had made the injuries for his left arm was 12 inches shorter than his normal arm and could not inflict damage with one arm. From here on, the trial ended but with no luck as tom robinson is found guilty by the jury, But its not as Ewell had hoped.’ he thought he’d be a hero , but all he got was okay we’ll convict this negro but you get back to your dump.” (Lee 254) After his dignity was
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