Bob Ewell Vs Tom Robinson Essay

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Bob Ewell vs Tom Robinson In the world today, people are not being treated fairly because they are being discriminated against society. This is also shown in Maycomb, Alabama, especially in the 1903s. In Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird, Tom Robinson is discriminated for his skin color. Bob Ewell, a poor white man in Maycomb, has a negative impact on the way see Tom. In the 1930s, racism in spread through Maycomb, Alabama and the citizens were not aware of the negativity racism has. Bob Ewell’s racist personality takes over his judgement. This results in making him see Tom Robinson as a bad person, when in reality Tom Robinson is a respectful man that does not want anything to do with racism. Bob Ewell’s racism is negative, it results in …show more content…

For example, Bob Ewell sends Robinson to jail in the first place. The Ewell family wins the trial, sending Robinson, an innocent man, to jail. The jury during the trial knows that Robinson is in fact innocent. But, because he is black, Robinson is pleaded guilty and sent to jail. This is shown when it takes such a long time for the jury to make the verdict. When the jury is about to plead Tom guilty, it is evident that they know what they are doing in wrong when the author states, “... when this jury came in, not one of them looked at Tom Robinson. The foreman handed a piece of paper to Mr. Tate who handed it back to the clerk who handed it to the judge….I shut my eyes. Judge taylor was polling the jury: ‘Guilty… guilty… guilty… guilty…’...” (Lee 240). This proves that Tom is pleaded guilty even though he is innocent. The jury knows that Bob Ewell is the one that should be going to jail. This connects to Atticus’s closing statement when he accuses Bob of beating Mayella. The jurors did not look at Tom because they knew he should be the one going home back to his family, not Bob Ewell. This also proves that the jury also plays a role in the death of Tom

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