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However, his fellow partner in crime could not deal with the guilt and agony of the crime, so he later confesses to the police. Hansen was sentenced to three years in Iowa Men’s Reformatory; however he only served 20 months. It was also recommended that Hansen receive psychiatric treatment. Hansen agreed to the treatment; he opened up to the psychiatrist and explained his compulsion to set fires. Unfortunately Hansen soon realized that his prosecutors were using the information he was telling to the psychiatrists’ against him in court. Reported later in the Anchorage Daily News, Hansen was quoted talking to himself saying-“Wait a minute, Bob, you Goddamn fool, they suckered you… So right away I think, well now boy, you know you’re never going…show more content…
Four years later in 1967 they both move to Anchorage, Alaska in hopes of starting a new life for themselves. Because Hansen spent many of his childhood days in his father’s bakery, he learned the trade very well and opened a local bakery in Anchorage. Hansen was quoted as having a clever nickname in Anchorage called “Bob the baker.” He and his new wife raised their two children in a modest household on the edge of town. Hansen made in honest living due to his bakery shop, with that income he got his pilot license “bought a Piper Cub and became a competent bush pilot, handy for hunting adventures” (Krajicek). For the first couple of years that Mrs. And Mr. Hansen settled in, there are no records or evidence linking Mr. Hansen to any particular crime. Behavioral psychologists’ suggest that Hansen believed that he could erase his past and make a fresh start for him. However that theory becomes inaccurate in 1971, Hansen was arrested in a town called Spenard. “He was driving in the town of Spenard, had stopped for a light, and glanced over at the woman in the car next to him. She smiled at him, and he regarded this as an open invitation to point his gun at her and demand she come with him.

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