Bob Herbert's Essay 'Our Schools Must Do Better'

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Improving Our Society's Intelligence Public schools all over the United States have always struggled with giving every student the proper education needed to be able to pursue their dreams and get the career they have always wanted. In the essay “Our Schools Must Do Better” written by Bob Herbert he states two solutions to solving the problem and explains why they would work. He states that in order to get better education for students that schools have to better their faculty and use skills that are effective in helping students get smarter. After Bob Herbert gives his position on his argument, he elaborates on his opinion on how to change the schools by stating his worries about the students well-being. Herbert starts his argument by concentrating on the student's future by putting it in a student's perspective. Herbert asked a student who the vice president was and when the student didn’t answer correctly this proved that his argument was…show more content…
Bob says that teacher certification is not enough to show that that certain teacher is good enough to be effective to all students. Bob states that schools in the past didn’t research the teachers so they could make the students score high on end of course exams. He states that schools have to change the way they higher teachers so they can tell the difference between good and bad teachers. Bob states that doing this would help our students to be more successful. The second solution that Bob states is that schools should teach all types of school models. Bob says that doing this will make kids much more intelligent because they will learn much more material. This is idea was supported by the “Knowledge Is Power Program”. Also Bob’s thought of doing this is that it will raise the scores of student’s tests. Teachers should learn how to make students more successful and incorporate it in their
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