Bob Jake Research Paper

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The Life of Bob Jake

As everyone sets around mourning, they would never know the real life of millionaire Bob Jake. He died a few days ago, and everyone just thought he was a world owner of the oil companies. He had mansions and towers to live in all across the world. The only reason people were at his funeral is because of money.

What many people didn’t know was that Bob was born in the woods of West Virginia in 1898. He came from the poorest couple in the whole state. They had dirt floors in the house and no windows. The house was only one hundred square feet and they were ten people that lived in the house. They usually only ate one meal a day if they were lucky.

Bob was a normal kid of the time period. He usually just wandered
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Bob dug all day, and only found a few stalks, nothing really to sell. Bob decide he was going to stay the night in the mountains and see what he could find the next day. That night all Bob could think about was not having to go work in that old dirty mine. He just wanted to be somebody and be a kid for a few more…show more content…
He made his round to many countries to see what their culture was like. He realized that people in other countries had it worse than he did. He realized that he wanted to make an impact on their life's. He picked the top three poorest countries and he opened oil wells there. He gave everyone jobs and gave them the minimum wage that was in the U.S. Bob realized, that the dream he had had the night before he found the gold, had finally come true. Bob had decided that he wanted to spend the rest of his life in the big city. He built him a mansion across the world in the biggest cities. He went on to make billions, while helping the world.

A few weeks Before Bob died, he went back to his home place. While being there he realized that this life was more important than being rich. He wished he would of taking the money from that bank when he found the diamond. He wouldn’t miss out on all the cultural things he grew up with. he could of being with his parents and family
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