Bob Johnson Should Abortion Be Legal Analysis

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Growing up I knew that I didn’t want kids because I didn’t want the responsibility. So I asked my mom did she ever want kids and at first it was no until she had me and then her mind had changed. After, that I asked her “what are abortions”(because I heard the term from school, but didn’t know what it meant) and she told me what they were and I didn’t like it. So, when I asked her has she ever had one, we got into sort of a debate. I didn’t understand why she would do something so cruel so many times. And ever since she told me that I have always been thankful for the siblings I have today. For a long time I didn’t agree with abortions until I heard an unfortunate story of a person who had no other option. I began to change my thoughts about abortions and eventually apologized to my mother. I know that if I was in a circumstance where I didn’t have another option then I would unfortunately do the same thing. I then…show more content…
He also states “the fetus, or unborn baby, is a distinct individual. Even though it resides inside its mother, it is a separate entity genetically (Johnson).” Bringing science into the controversial topic, Johnson implicates that women doesn’t have a right to her own body because the baby is essentially a human of itself, with its own DNA and blood types. So, saying that women should have a right to their own body means that the baby doesn’t, meaning that the baby isn’t a human to some people and therefore shouldn’t be considered when it comes to abortions. Johnson also claims in an unfortunate situation such as rape, incest, or medical reasons the decision to abort the baby should be between the mother, family and doctor. Because if you can only save one life over the other most people would choose to kill the unborn baby mainly because it is yet to be considered a “person” to the
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