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In the Newsela article, “Opinion: Time for baseball to pick up the pace” by Bob Klapisch, the claim is that baseball games are taking way too long now. “ Sitting through nine innings, especially in the postseason, was a test of patience, if not one’s sanity” (Paragraph 1). The author stsaed the claim in the beginning and dusted it with lots of evidence. They even included some ways they could reduce the amount of time the baseball games take. “ As the commissioner told ESPN earlier in the year, “This topic is like dandelions. The minute you look the other way, you’ve got them all over your lawn” (Paragraph 3). This man was talking about how the baseball games have continued to become longer every year, and he compared them to dandelions growing fast over your yard, you…show more content…
Manfred is right. The dandelions are winning” (Paragraph 4). This adds on to the example of the dandelions, and how the game has suddenly gotten loner. They tried to shorten it, then lal of a sudden, it grew long again. This is strong evidence because it gives statistics about how long the game has become over the years, and helps us understand where this person’s opinion is coming from. Later, the author gives a few ideas about how to make the game shorter. “Eliminate all mound visits… Implement a 10-second pitch clock” (Paragraphs 10 and 16). This part supports the claim because it explains some ways we can make a baseball game shorter. It helps us understand that there are ways we can make it shorter, so we don 't have to endure a long, boring game for three to four hours. This is not as strong as the other evidence, but it is still strong because it helps us understand that we can fix how long the games can be. To finish, the Newsela article, “Opinion: Time for baseball to pick up the pace” by Bob Klapisch, the claim that was shown is that baseball game have become increasingly long over they
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