Bob Lee Swagger Character Analysis

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Bob Lee Swagger is the chief protagonist in the Bob Lee Swagger series of novels by American author of thriller novels, Stephen Hunter. We first get introduced to Bob Lee Swagger otherwise known as “Bob the Nailer” in the first novel of the series, the 1993 published Point of Impact. Bob Lee Swagger was in the military where he served as a sniper until his retirement, having attained the rank of Marine sergeant. The book series begins immediately after his retirement after a Soviet sniper in Vietnam shot him in the hip permanently disabling him from service. The first novel in the series, Point of Impact begins with the master sniper Swagger living the life of a recluse in the Arkansas Mountains. Having seen too much death, he is done with the violent life and just wants to be left alone. He is convinced to join a highly secretive and dangerous mission. His patriotism wins out in the end and he joins the team only to find that he has been double-crossed. Escaping death by a whisker, he is now on the run for his life. The only people that can help him unravel the mystery of who set him up and to what end, are a beautiful woman and a disgraced former FBI agent. Stephen Hunter weaves a multi-layered story full of additive nonstop action…show more content…
The book Point of Impact that is one of the most popular in the series was released in 2007 as Shooter. The movie was created by Antoine Fuqua and starred Michael Wahlberg in the lead role of Bob Lee Swagger. In 2016, the USA Network announced that it would be releasing a TV series titled Shooter based on Point of Impact. Ryan Philippe would star in the lead role of retired Force Recon Marine Bob Lee Swagger. The 47th Samurai, the fourth book in the series was adapted into a movie by New Regency under the title The Sword. The movie is still in development with New Regency picking Robert Kamen of The Transporter and Taken franchises as the lead
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