Bob M. Case Study Diagnosis

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Bob M. is a 19-year-old Caucasian male who has 13 years of formal education and lives at home with his parents after recently flunking out of his first year of college. Bob’s parents, David and Ruth M., referred him for assessment due to concerns about his alcohol use and its apparent interference with his aspirations of becoming a chemical engineer. They report that Bob began drinking at age 12, experimentally at first; however, they have become excessively more concerned as Bob has aged. Bob arrived on time for the initial consultation with a neat appearance and full understanding as to why he was there. An assessment was conducted to determine a potential diagnosis and appropriate treatment plan, if necessary. Bob was cordial and compliant throughout the assessment.
III. Background Information
David and Ruth report a normal pregnancy with no complications with labor and delivery. Furthermore, they describe Bob as being an advanced baby having met all developmental milestones early. They report that Bob excelled in his first 13 years of school needing little effort to maintain “straight A’s” even though he was in a gifted and talented program. David, a neurosurgeon, and Ruth, a research scientist, report
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His reluctance to treatment is countered by his parent’s statement of not continuing to pay for college if he does not get help. Bob and his parents describe Bob’s drinking as “typical teenage behavior” which can only be inferred as them finding it acceptable and normal. For instance, two weeks after his 16th birthday Bob totaled his first car which resulted in the loss of his driver’s license and a driving under the influence (DUI) citation. This caused his parents to begin worrying. However, Bob seemed to suggest that his parents overreacted because several of his friends also had lost their
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