How Did Bob Marley Overcome Social Issues In Jamaica

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Jamaica was a going through a crisis in the 1970s because political tensions exploded. During this time one of the bet reggae singers, Bob Marley, was emerging as one of the best and most iconic artists in the world. Once Bob Marley was emerging as the best, a notorious gang leader Josey Wales had a plan to assassinate him. This plan failed, however, Bob Marley was shot in the chest but it was not fatal. This all occurred two days before The Peace Concert Marley had setup that was going to be free and politics free to help relieve the tensions. If Josey Wales assassination plan would have worked, it would have caused even more social issues in Jamaica.
The country Jamaica was already going through hardships for a while now, and an assassination of one of the most cherished singers in the world would have only made it worse. In the world at that time Marley may have been one of the
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“You know, most of this feminism business was nothing more than white American women telling non-white women what to do and how to do it, with this patronizing if you become just like me you’ll be free, bullsh*t.” (James 192) In this quote it uses racism to show the problems involved in the country at the time, showing how the whites often told the black women what to do and how to do it, and telling them that they’ll be free because of it, and as you can see the black women didn’t agree. Another factor that went into Jamaica’s problems was sexism. “Woman breed baby, but man can only make Frankenstein.”(James 275) In this quote it uses sexism as an example by basically saying men only create monsters while women make
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